What exactly is Affiliate Marketing and the way to Earn money with Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to generate income.

I earn a living online since I have been14 and I made my initial money from affiliate marketing back in 2008.

At this point in 2017, I promote more than three hundred affiliate products and more than twenty affiliate systems on the niche sites.

I realize how this whole making money with affiliate marketing programs thing is complicated with regard to newbies, therefore i will try to make it easy for you right here and right now.

So , I am going to write this content for beginners, and if you have any questions you can get in touch with me via my contact page.

What does Affiliate marketing means and How does it really work??

In case you have never heard of affiliate programs, or if you never ever understood it, I will attempt to explain to you everything, within few simple steps.

So basically, there are websites and systems that sell different items, from publications, gadgets, clothing and cars.

In the last few years, 90% of those online stores began their own affiliate marketer program.

Let’s say there is some PERSONAL COMPUTER ecommerce site online and that they sell bunch of laptops in their shop.

So , you now go for their site and you register using their affiliate program, what’s following?

If you are an online marketer, and you understand how to sell PC-s, you can make lots of money with their affiliate marketing program.

If you become their affiliate, you will be able to produce unique affiliate links for each of their items from their store.

In case their store title is www.pc-store.com, your affiliate marketing link is going to be www.pc-store.com/youraffiliateID.

So, when you create affiliate link for some laptop computer, you can send out this link to bunch of people online, you can promote it on your site, on Twitter/Facebook/Youtube…

If some individuals click on your link, and if they buy a PC, you will definitely get a commission from that sale.

Affiliate systems will usually use cookies to mark your own visitor and if they purchase anything using their site in the next few days you will get a commission from those product sales.

Affiliate incomes are usually in 5-30% range for different items.

I hope you realize this, you send people to some web-shop, Amazon.. and if those people purchase something through that web site, you will get a fee because you sent them upon affiliate link.

What are among the best Affiliate Programs?

Amazon affiliate marketing program is probably one of the best and one of the most popular affiliate programs nowdays.

With Amazon.com affiliate plan, you can promote every single item from Amazon store, and there are more than million items on their site.

When you sign up for the Amazon affiliate program, you will be able to create affiliate links for every and each product that you want to promote.

Amazon will give you 4-8% commission for the each sale.

Among the best affiliate programs just like Amazon is definitely the AliExpess affiliate program.

AliExpress affiliate program is certainly even a better option to get started in case you are a beginner. you can market billion items from Aliexpress, and most of these are pretty affordable, gadgets and things like that, and individuals will purchase that stuff more than expensive products through Amazon.

Aliexpress is going to pay you 5%-10% on your affiliate sales.

One more advantage to the Aliexpress over the Amazon affiliate program may be the thing that you can get commission for your sales worldwide, so you will get commission rate even regarding sales through small nations like Bosnia and some small places within India, and when you use Amazon you can get commission for sales from few countries only.

If you want to market online courses you can check Udemy.

Udemy is huge on the internet courses market, and you can find million of programs there, in more than a hundred different niche categories.

You will get 50% commission for each sale you reffer to Udemy, if you sell $60 course, you will get $30 for that selling.

And if you can make few sales every day, you can make pretty nice money from it.

One of the biggest places on the internet are lottery and betting websites.

Lottery affiliate programs are perfect, you can make excellent commission right now there, and people are buying lottery shit often.

With lottery sites, you are able to promote many methods from small gambling games up to huge lotteries like EuroJackpot and PowerBall.

If you want to market any kind of digital, SEO, website design products you are able to register for couple of the biggest electronic product networks and start earning money.

One of the best digital products affiliate systems is JvZoo.

JvZoo can provide you a lot more than 20,000 product to advertise, and you can advertise everything from simple drawing software, SEO tools, WordPress themes plus plugins and many other products that people buy often.

You will get 20-70% commission upon JvZoo product sales, depending on the particular product seller.

Other digital affiliate network I use is definitely Clickbank, which is a network that can be (probably) the oldest affiliate websites online.

You can market all kind of products out of this site, health books, how-to books plus DVD-s, web-design tools…

Clickbank will also give you 20-60% commission for your affiliate sales.

One of the best selling affiliate marketing products on the internet are fashion items, mostly women’s style items.

There are few best affiliate programs you may use to promote fashion stuff from famous brand name.

ShareASale – one of the best affiliate websites, and I use it on most of my fashion niche sites.

Excellent commissions, 5-30% depending on the product seller, and millions of products to choose from.

LinkShare and Commission payment Junction are probably the only affiliate marketer fashion systems I rely on, along with ShareAsale of course.

You can promote thousand+ brands from these sites, and you can get pretty high commissions.

I promote web cam modeling for just two years and it’s among my major affiliate businesses right now.

Billion girls work online upon webcams, and you could get your personal piece of cake right there.

If you send girls upon these web cam modeling websites through your own affiliate plan, you can make 10% commission from models revenue, for life.

Cam girls are making huge amounts of money every day, 100-300$, and you can make 10-30$ from every girls per day, if you refer twenty girls, and if each of them create 200$ each day, you will make 20$ from every girl, that’s 400$ as a whole.

So , in case you send few models upon some webcam modeling site with your affiliate marketing links, and when this model makes 100$ per day, you will going to get 10$ from their earnings, each day.

One of the best affiliate marketing programs I earn money with is usually Crakrevenue affiliate program.

You can promote hundred+ offers using this site, and you can make hell lots of money by promiting those.

Therefore , you will basically register along with Crakrevenue, you will send them a targeted adult visitors, and when your visitors register for their own offer, you will enjoy commission from every sale, and you can obtain anywhere from 2$ for PPL and up to 200$ per sale just for PPS offers.

If you focus on this method 1-3 hours per day you can make simple 100-200$ each day, every day.

So that was the ‘short’ explanation about affiliate marketing online.

If you what to learn step by step tutorials, click here.

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    I promote more than three hundred affiliate products and more than twenty affiliate systems on the niche sites.