Tips to Use Semrush for Optimization of Your Blog

Semrush is tool used to research on keywords that are profitable. We are in an era whereby, SEO determines how successful your blog is. Semrush is a web application used by old and new bloggers to optimize their blogs, create the needed content for their audience and ensure visitors on their blogs has better experience.

If you are a newbie to blogging and semrush, you may wonder what semrush is all about and how to better use the tool to optimize your blog. Below are tips to use semrush for optimization of your blog.

Learn about the Success of Your Blog

When you visit semrush, you will see the general traffic overview screen, whenever you input the name of your domain. This overview screen will show you how your blog is performing in terms of the search traffic your blog is getting. Immediately, you will get to see if the traffic on your website is increasing or not, how the main keywords of your blogs are ranked, how your blog is ranking within semrush and so much more.

Semrush also provide you with a pdf form of the overview report, which can be downloaded. This gives you the opportunity to easily see how your blog has progressed over the years such as the last 30days or more.

Understand More About Your Competitors

There are millions of blogs and thousands like yours. This is an important reason why you should learn more about your competitors and understand what makes them successful while you are still trying to generate traffic to your blog. A feature in semrush gives you the opportunity to learn about your competitors and the keywords that generates traffic to their blogs. This helps you in deciding the content to help you target the search terms.

Learning about your competitors and their marketing strategies will go a long way in how successful you blog is.

Learn More About Better Advertising Opportunities

In other to cash in on your blog, then advertising is the most common way to make more cash online. There are thousands of website owners that use networks such as Goggle Adwords, to pay a lot of money to get traffic to their sites, while your blog get its own traffic for free. Using AdWords is quite expensive, you can make a lot of money by finding these companies and convince them to advertise directly on your blog or even join their affiliate program.

Semrush tool makes this look very easy. The tool searches for all the keywords and finds the companies that pay for advertising based on the searched keywords and displays them in a chart.