Best Social Media Marketing Tools

We live in a world of social media and choosing the best or ranking some social networks as the best has sparked many heated debates among marketers. With so many social media networking tools available and their importance to any social media marketer, it can be very difficult to find the right tool for you.

In your effort to promote your online presence or business, we are going to have to consider several top social networking tools you need to carry that out effective business and network management

Before you start liking and using any of these tools here are some things you must be satisfied with, or else it will bore you.

  • User satisfaction
  • Maintenance
  • Usability
  • what
  • Crowd rating
  • Customer Support

Now let’s look at the best social media management tools for your business

Buffer: Buffer is a social media management tool designed to help you schedule post for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. One primary work of Buffer is to send your posts out automatically throughout the day or week.

Buffer helps you reach more people in your network, especially if don’t have time to be on social media all day, then using Buffer to schedule those updates is a clever solution. Buffer also aims to help you increase engagement, reach, clicks and ultimately traffic to your website.

Oktopostis a social media solution tool for B2B platforms and professionals. Most businesses use different strategies and social media marketing tools on different platforms to build status and reach, which is hectic.  Oktopost platforms make it easy to listen, engage, curate content, and boost their social reach on multiple social media platforms from a single place. Oktopost is the first solution to establish the ROI of social media, bridging the gap between social media and lead generation.

CoSchedule– If you want to manage your social media planning tool from a single place here is your management tool. Content marketing efforts and strategies need plans and the ability to execute it regularly, using CoSchedule is an all-in-one marketing calendar that brings your content and social media in the same place. It is a platform for content marketing, blog management, marketing projects, social media marketing among others.

Hootsuite: This should be the best-known social media marketing tool on the market because ith Hootsuite you can connect your account to over 35 different social networks, you’ll not see something like this with other dashboards. Loves to over 15 million users Hootsuite is the most widely used platform for managing social media.

Tagboard: Tagboard uses hashtags to search and collect public social media within seconds of being posted to different social networks. With this amazing tool lets, you track hashtags across multiple platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook within a second. If you curious about what is trendy or what people are saying use Tagboard to search and view social media engagement across multiple platforms, it also gives you the ability to interact with the hashtags. Amazing!!!

Feedly: Feedly is a great way to know what is trending among niche influencers. The news aggregator tools can be installed on various web browsers and mobile device. If you want to Stay up to date with the latest current events feedly is the way to go. It is the best way to keep track of what is trending on your favorite sites and also helps guide your own content strategy and social media posting schedule.