AWeber – Is it the best Email Marketing Service out there ?!

Email lists are usually a very important part of any nice site or blog.

Your subscribers are your visitors, mates and clients, and if you already got some subscribers you already know how much it is important for any kind of online business.

Once i began this blog the number of my subscribers was 0, and today after 3-4 months it is nearly 3000.

It c an be very difficult to handle so many people, so you would want some great and powerful tool to keep all of them along in a single place.

Let me teach you how I began to get my subscribers and what service do I use for managing them.

How Important the Subscribers actually are?

My personal blog is all about generating income online, the best marketing methods online and it is simply me helping online marketing beginners to begin with something and generate some cash online, with nice simple and easy guides.

My site visitors are mainly beginners who are struggling in figuring out everything regarding some subject from difficult tutorials on the other Blogs and the Youtube lessons then when I clarify anything in only a few simple steps it is quite simple to figure it out for these people.

So if they love my tutorials they will subscribe for my newsletters and I mail them 1-2 times each week, some new strategies plus some useful reviews for them.

I may also send them some special offers and your affiliate links and when they purchase anything I will get some good percentage from this.

My subscribers list keeps growing very quickly, and 3000 folks subscribed to my newsletter within the last 2 months.

When you can deal with 3000 folks and send them some affiliate offers, products etc.. and when they trust you some are gonna pay for these products and you are gonna get the commission.

So Subscribers are likely to be the most crucial thing for some websites, and if you would like to start and building your Mailing list so you will need to use some e-mail marketing service.

What’s AWeber and How Excatly it is going to help me?

If you have no idea what are those E-mail marketing services such as Aweber I’m gonna clarify to you this in a moment.

As long as you put some Newsletter popups, and widgets on your site and if some of the visitors are liking the articles on your website, they are going to subscribe to get more articles but you won’t be able to manage all of those subscribers by yourself, that is the reason why you will need some service like AWeber.

So basically, you’ll hook up your blog with Aweber and your subscribers are gonna be stored on your AWeber account.

You can have separate youur subscribers to different lists, you are able to send an automatic welcoming email for your new subscribers, and you can send double opt-ins..

About AWeber

AWeber is, for me, is the perfect email marketing service, and I’ll tell you why.

I don’t claim this since I used just AWeber and I felt in love with it, no, I used Four different email services and Aweber was one of them.

Visit Aweber Here

Once i began to build my list, I used Mailchimp, after 1 month of using it, I realized that I need something more, and something that perform better than that.

I tried some other paid and free services , and one day I’ve seen a very interesting article about AWeber on some online marketing blog, s I decided to give AWeber a try, At your first month, you don’t pay anthing , so, if you deceide that you don’t like this you are able to simply stop using it and try another ones.

What Do I like About AWeber?

Aweber is more than 10 years old, and they offer a great support, They usually response in 1 or 2 hours.

I even like their design, everything there is very clear and you are able to access everything that you need few seconds, there store a lot of tutorials for begginers, so you can start there very easily and start building your list..

They have a great mobile apps , you are able to use their AWeber mobile ad for analytics/ trackings and the Atom App which lets you upload things from your mobile, and it also lets you access and modify subscriber lists on your account.

You can start exploring Aweber with their 30 days free trial right now, and in case you don’t like it you can use another service.

Click here to start your free 30 days with Aweber.

When you send a lot of emails, you are going to need a lot of hosting space to store all of the images you send, but don’t worry, Aweber is going to cover this for you, plug they offer you more than 7k of free pictures that you can use.

Their autoresponder is great, and it’s very simply to set it up.

it’s very easy to start a new campaign, even if you are a begginer, and you will have more than 700 free collection of templates that you can use.

One more of their usefull features is the Aweber video mails, it can help you a lot and you can send your videos in a newsletter.

You may also create a sign up form for your website so you can collect your subsribers, they offer a lot of free templates for this feature also.

List segmentation is also a great feature, it allows you to segment your lists by the name, month, place and year…

Split testing is another feature for the users of Aweber, and you can A/B split test emails to your list for getting the best results.

They are providing you your very own API, and you can use it on your websites or apps.

Aweber Integration?

One more thing that Aweber offers is to integrate it with common CMS such as WordPress or Drupal.

You even can integrate Aweber with Paypal, Google Analytics, Shopify and Magento.

You can integrate it with social media also and create special sign up forms for Twitter or Facebook.

AWeber Pricing

Once I went to their website I was expecting to find out some 3 figures price since lots of people said to me they’re the best in the email marketing field.

So I surprised when I saw that they offer 1 month for free on their homepage, I signed up and uploaded my 400 subscribers there.

After 1 month you will need to choose between $19/29/49 plans, which are extremely cheap. (it depends how many followers you have)

If you’re a beginner, so the $19 is gonna be perfect. you can always upgrade it in the future.

You can click here if you wanna start your 30 free days with Aweber.