8 Tips and tricks to make you more productive immediately

As an entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, or an investor, productivity is a key rule for success.

Here are  tips that will help you become the most productive person you know.


Set short term goals-

Don’t think about the end result of the project. Make yourself new goals each day and do everything needed to get these things done.

When you set a short term goal, your brain rewires itself to get these things done.


Use Evernote

One of the most effective ways that I’ve found is to use a software like Evernote.

It allows you to write tasks and ideas that you’ve got to do.

Do at least a few of them each day, and you’ll see that you’re becoming more productive over time.

The best thing about Evernote is that you can download it to all your devices, PCs, tablets, and phones.

You will never forget to do important things, and it will reduce your stress level significantly, and also will help you to be more focused in what you do.

Every time you have an idea or something that you’d like to do later, just open Evernote and put a reminder to it.


Exercise more-

When your body is healthy, you can be more focused and get things done 10 times easier.

Health is important and you can start feeling better from now by even doing a 20-minute exercise.

You will also be more productive and more creative.


Use timers-

Every time that you want to be more focused, and cut distractions, just open Google search for a countdown timer.

Decide exactly what you are going to do with that time, and do your best not being seduced by distractions.

That will train your brain to stay focused and be more productive.


Use RescueTime

This time tracker helps you to invest your time in a smart way.

It tracks every minute you spend, whether it’s on your phone/computer.

You will work efficiently and will have more time for your hobbies and family.


Reward Yourself-

Our brains are motivated by rewards.

Being aware of that fact allows you to use that for your own good.

Just like other animals, when you reward them for learning something new you taught them, you can make a list for your goals and decide on little reward for each task you get done.

It can be playing 30 minutes of a video game, listening to music, or hanging out with your friends.

Make a list of all the things you want to accomplish first thing in the morning, and organize your day in a way that every meal you eat, or a music you listen to, is a reward.

That way, you work a lot smarter and can get things done more effectively and with more fun, and you will also notice that you start to enjoy those rewards and appreciate the little things in life much more.


Set time blocks-

Always when I have a challenging task, I set a time block in my calendar, and you should too.

It helps you to stay focused and know that you don’t have something else to do so you stay focused only on your challenge.

I find a silent place and let everyone know that I’m busy.

Don’t forget to set breaks too, which is important in order to stay focused for a long period of time.


Use LastPass

I’ve always been using a lot of tool and services, and always logged in manually to each one of them, until I found this tool.

I can’t stress enough how much time it saved me and how easy it was to start using it.

It lets you make a strong password for each website/app or tool, whether it’s in your tablet, smartphone or PC.

It increases your security because you will have a strong and different password for each thing, that you don’t need to remember.


I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new.

Please tell us in the comment how you save time and increase your productivity.


  • I use evernote to create vision boards, and focus on my goals, it’s a great tool to help us with productivity! And about timers, I use the pomodoro technic since college, and I use it to every task that requires a lot of concentration. Another thing I do to increase my productivity is to write on a post it what I have to do or some motivational quote, and stick it to my laptop 🙂

  • You are absolutely right. Some times I tend to try and get everything on my to do list done in one day instead of breaking them up over a few days. I never thought exercise could help but I’m going to do these. Thank you.

  • Great tips, thanks. As someone who works from home it’s so easy to get distracted by one thing and another. I love the idea of setting myself a timer for specific tasks. Thanks 🙂

  • Good list with solid suggestions. If you’re looking for a task management app to help you do some of these items, try priorigami. It’s a to-do list app that will help you prioritize and focus on tasks to get more done. It’s available for FREE in the iTunes App Store.

  • I love all of the app recommendations. I am going to check out several of them.

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  • Great resource list especially REWARDS! As a hard working entrepreneur, I don’t plan enough downtime but I’m getting better at it (got a retreat booked in June and 2 weeks in Europe in the fall).

    The timer works great to help me not get caught up in Social Media!

  • Great resource.

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