4 Tips For a New Blogger


If you are a blogger, and you have a blog on the internet, then you should know that there are millions of blogs and that you have various plenty of competition.

The number of blogs in 2017 is astounding, and this creates the overwhelming feeling in the mind of bloggers. You should know that you can successfully remain at the top of your competitors by following good and working strategies

Below are some tips for you as a blogger which can be used to move your way through the crowd to the top. It’s important to maintain a winning mentality so these tips can successfully work for you.

 Be Creative in Your Search for Uniqueness-

Every individual has a unique personality. The fact that no one can ever be like you are the competitive edge you need. Always be creative and look for a way to always express your unique self in your blog.

Ensure you are original and well reflected on your blog. You shouldn’t make a mistake of copying the style of someone in your blog. People are going to be attracted to yourself, so you should let the uniqueness in you shine through.

Always Be Yourself-

New bloggers also fall into the traps of imitating the style of successful bloggers. Be yourself and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Imagine talking to your audience as you would talk to your best friend or a single individual. Your audience will accept openness and some might criticize you when you share what interests you and when you express yourself, even if it does not follow the accepted wisdom.

Also, it’s advisable to write on the niche which you possess vast number of knowledge. When you are being honest, you will have that connection between you and audience. Which will make you stand out in the crowd.

Publish Quality Content-

Do not be tempted to lower the quality of the contents in your blog, in other to have more contents on your blog.

When your post is too long, people tend to lose focus quickly and it’s unlikely they will read through all the articles.

An important recommendation is to focus on a concept with a problem to a solution. It’s advisable to posts contents with words of about 400 to 600 words, which busy individuals can quickly scan through.

Solve Their Problem-

Most people will check out your blog in search for a specific information. They want a solution to their problem. You should focus on the ways to make your blog at the top of the chain. It can be possible by providing the needed information and solution to your audience. They will surely be grateful and will remember you. Also, they will become your ardent follower.


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