4 Alternatives to Copyscape

Hi there folks, this post will be here to assist you in fighting Plagiarism, and I strongly wish it will help everybody who is going to find get into this post.

I operate something like 170 niche websites, which includes this blog, so I get a lot of Plagiarism problems, every single day.

No, It doesn’t mean that i get into troubles because I steal articles from another websites, with more than 12 000 pieces of content on my websites, these content is Plagiarism victim on a daily basis, and I deal with it, which is hard.

A few people who started their own niche websites by having my support, showed me that they discovered a lot of websites which stole their very own content, so they asked me to help them to take this off.

But, it isn’t really only about taking this off, there are tools like Copyscape that can help you to discover web pages which are stealing your articles.

Therefore, I wanna tell you more about Copyscape, and i also wanna show you the best alternatives to Copyscape.

About Copyscape.

Copyscape is among the top plagiarism checkers which checks if the same piece of content shows in other places online.

I used this website for almost 2 years now and it assisted me more than hundred times.

If another blogger copies your articles, it will be indexed on Google, and they will take your potenional visitors.

Google are able to flag your website’s content as a copied content and they usually block your whole blog from the Search results, and you do not want that to happen to you.

If you banned/marked as spam it can be very difficult to get your old rankings back.

So, when you want a high quality and legit blog/ niche site, you’d want to use the Plagiarism checkers to ensure that your authentic content is actually unique and that nobody stole it.

Go to Copyscape website here.

Hence, I want now to tell you about few Copyscape alternatives websites which you would use to find content thieves.


It is one of the best plagiarism websites, and it’s one of my favorites.

I like that as it’s not just a text checker, you may also make it correct any grammar problems within your articles and it is gonna proofreads the whole texts.

That’s a very powerful grammar solution. it could actually check a ton of pages in just few seconds.

Additionally, you will receive full reports after it checks your content.

You may go here to visit Grammarly homepage.


Dustball is definitely among the best Copyscape alternatives, and more and 30,000 people are using this site every day.
I like this site because it is pretty simple to use, anyone can use it, even if you are a total newbie.

Among the major benefits of the service is that you can examine million sites and text messages with this web site in couple of seconds.

Click here to go to Dustball service.

Also, the service is a 99% correct if you write some content for your site, you can scan it with Dustball first, Dustball will notice you if you are using some duplicated text and that means you can make sure that your articles is unique.


Whitesmoke is definitely one of the best language and grammar issues checking services.

By that website you are able to check your blog or site materials it will find anything harmful on your site that can drop the rankings on the serach engines.

It will also check the language grammar errors, and you may utilize it to find your articles plagiarisms.

Click here to visit WhiteSmoke.

This site is very user friendly, it is 99% effective and it’s completely free.

Small SEO Tools

Small Seo Tools is one of the top services wich includes very helpful tools.

Click here to see SmallSEOTools.

There are a bit more than twenty useful tools on this website, which are 99% accurate.

Some are plagiarism checker, articles rewriter, reverse image search, keyword position checker, backlink checker, Google PR checker, reverse IP checker, spell checker, word counter and more.

This site is totally legit, I personally use it for couple of years now, more than 20 000 people make use of it each day.

Each and every product within this website is free and you may utilize it forever.